From: Exit News
Thaçi Awards Grenell with Medal of Merits for Kosovo-Serbia Deal 

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi has awarded the U.S. President Donald Trump envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Richard Grenell with a Presidential Medal of Merits “for his extraordinary contribution to reaching the economic normalization agreements between Kosovo and Serbia at the White House.”

On Monday, Thaçi praised Grenell for achieving what “others” had failed to: “What others couldn’t do, Mr. Grenell did quickly, well and accurately,” he said.

The president expressed his conviction that the deals signed in the White House “will bring peace, economic stability and a better life for the citizens of Kosovo and the region.

Thaçi stated that he believes President Trump can also broker a final political agreement for mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia.

Last week, Thaçi awarded Trump with Kosovo’s highest honor for facilitating “economic normalization with Serbia.