From: Nevila Sokoli Xhindi
The Driver and the Fire

While the city was waiting for a party meeting with our Driver–Prime Minister and his talk with the “common people” against the “evil” administration, the forest high up on the mountain stood in flames, casting black smoke into the sky, just like Fire of the Lord… because this country has none!

It’s been years since Albania experienced such a hot summer, as if it is a reminder for the Albanians that not only its politics this year was hot and would oppress their lives for another four years, but also that their worries upon worries and the lord punishes you without reprieve and He cannot be bought or sold…

Those who worry most this summer are: the administration worried by the meetings of the Driver, waiting the next 24-hour ultimatum… the forests worried by long flames of the fires.

The administration against the forest – which one is next? The battle of the Albanian summer. Both without master, but submitted by Driver and the Fire.

The forest on the mountain continues to burn completely. The fire ravishes the woods with indifference and the air itself becomes smoke and flames. The burnt air fills the city and the meeting of the Driver, where directors and civil servants are waiting to be dismissed with their “resignation.”

What a summer! This summer, between the crazy Fire and the crazy walking Driver… to combat fire with fire!

The Fire and the Driver work the same: without laws! Public court for everyone, everyone has to be present, people and woods, unable to intervene, to change the scene.

The Fire and the Driver won’t stop! They are beyond reason! Humanity wanted a Driver, it got one! It didn’t think much about the vote it cast. Now it’s his turn to lead or to oppress… while the Forest all alone burns down among groans. No one thinks about it.

The Fire and the Driver set everyone and everything alight this summer, they will burn everyone alike: tall beech or big director, bushes or simple employees… they singed without court, just like the Fire and Driver promised they would!