From: Exit News
The Netherlands to Donate €3 Million for Albanian Earthquake Reconstruction

The Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok announced that the Netherlands will donate €3 million for Albania’s reconstruction efforts after the November 26 earthquake that left 51 dead and a €1 billion devastation bill.

In a video posted on Twitter on Saturday, Block expressed solidarity with the victims and backed the Albanian government’s efforts for reconstruction:

“The devastating earthquake that hit Albania last year shocked and saddened all of us. I’ve seen the images of the damage and Prime Minister Rama and my colleague Minister Cakaj told me the heartbreaking stories about Albanian citizens that fell victim to this disaster.
The Netherlands is highly committed to support Albania in its reconstruction efforts. In solidarity with the Albanian people the Netherlands will therefore donate €3 million for reconstruction activities.”

Blok’s message of solidarity comes two days before the EU-hosted Donors’ Conference for Albanian Earthquake, which will take place on Monday, February 17, in Brussels.

Prime Minister Edi Rama has stated that the government will cover the €1 billion earthquake bill through donations, state budget and “two more ideas”, which he hasn’t elaborated on.

Reconstruction plans include 25 areas hit by the earthquake. According to the latest official figures, over 8,000 homes are uninhabitable and more than 10,000 people are still living in tents.