From: Exit News
Three Years of Vetting: The Numbers So Far

The vetting process began three years ago, in 2017, with the first dismissal taking place in February 2018.

The bodies responsible for conducting the vetting process are the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) and the Special Appeals Chamber (KPA).

The first to undergo vetting were members of the Constitutional Court. Constitutional judge Fatos Lulo was the first to be dismissed by vetting. Overall, five Constitutional judges were dismissed by the vetting bodies, 3 resigned before having to undergo the process, and only one was confirmed. Consequently, the Constitutional Court was rendered non-functional, and it remains so today.

Next, members of the High Court underwent the vetting process, with 7 of them being dismissed, 8 resigning, and only two being confirmed. In March 2019, the High Court was rendered non-functional, and it remained so until March 10, 2019 when it achieved the necessary quorum of 3 members.

So far, 101 magistrates have been dismissed, 90 have been confirmed, and 39 have resigned before undergoing vetting. Dismissals were primarily based on magistrates’ inability to justify their wealth.

KPK has confirmed 101 magistrates, including 44 judges, 48 prosecutors, and 9 legal aides. It dismissed 90 magistrates, including 56 judges and 32 prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the Specials Appeals Chamber received 117 appeal requests. As a result it ruled for the dismissal of 47 judges and prosecutors. 70 requests are still pending. Only 2 judges remain confirmed as the Public Commissioner rescinded the appeal for their dismissal.