€225 Million Concession for Thumanë–Kashar Highway

The Thumanë–Kashar highway will be constructed and maintained by the company Gener 2 for the next 13 years. This week, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy announced the winning company, that will build the 20.8 km highway for €225.8 million, a price of €10.8 million per km.

Gener 2 will initially use its own money to build the segment, whereas the Albanian state will pay it back via installments stretched throughout the 13 years in a construction known as a public–private partnership.

Four companies participated in the tender competition: Gener 2, Gjikuria, Alpin SRL, and Gruppo Adige Bitumi.

Gener 2, besides making the lowest bid, had also an advantage in the race, after receiving a 8.5 point bonus from the government for its “unrequest proposal” for the concession of this highway.

This is the second concession, following the Rruga e Arbrit highway, in the Rama government’s “€1 billion concession” plan, which has been frequently criticized by the International Monetary Fund as unsound economic policy.