From: Exit News
Tirana Municipality Continues Giving Public Land to Private Companies

The Tirana municipality has awarded four pieces of public property in the area of the former Industrial Park to the private company Milo 2000 shpk for the construction of a private building.

In exchange, the municipality will have ownership of 40% of the building.

According to the Municipal Council’s decision, the four pieces of real estate that the municipality gave to the company have a combined surface area of 1075,25 square meters. Milo 2000 shpk will use 271,56 square meters for construction, alongside 75 square meters from an adjacent plot owned by the company.

Milo 2000 was founded in 2000 and is owned by Olsi Milo.

This is the third contract the Tirana municipality signs with private subjects who are awarded public land in exchange for a percentage of the construction’s shares.

Previously, the municipality awarded 1363.5 square meters of public land on Kavaja Street to private company Startek for the construction of a residential and office building.

The Tirana municipality also awarded 6399.7 square meters of public land to the Arlis-Ndërtim company in the area of the former Mechanical Plant in Tirana.

Since March 2018, when the Tirana municipality approved a decision on “Defining the procedure and negotiations with private developers that show interest in cooperating with the Tirana municipality, via agreement of entrepreneurship/exchange for property under its ownership,” it can exchange public land for floor space or services from developers.

This decision paves the way for massive privatization of Tirana’s public property by construction companies, via potentially corrupt and clientelist contracts and mechanisms, basically transforming the Tirana Municipality into a state-sponsored real estate agency.

The land awarded to these companies stands witness to this fact, and proves Exit’s previous warning that the Tirana Municipality will transform into a real-estate broker right.