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Ukrainian Ambassador Hopes new Serbian Cabinet will Join Russian Sanctions

Ukraine is counting on more support from Serbia and the country will introduce sanctions against Russia Ukrainian Ambassador Volodymyr Tolkach said on Thursday, adding that he hoped this would happen when the new cabinet was formed.

“We are grateful to the political support that Serbia is offering Ukraine in the U.N. and other international organisations… Hence we count on everyone who wants to live in a free world, especially Serbia, to ramp up their support. Support implies imposing sanctions against the Russian conquerors, murderers and rapists,” Tolkach said in an interview with Demostat.

Tolkach added that Russia posed a threat not just to Ukraine but to all of Europe, which was why the EU’s response, as well as that of candidate states, including Serbia, needed to be unified and strong.

“Our citizens, especially those who were forced to seek refuge from the horrors of war in Serbia, do not understand how fascist inscriptions can appear in the streets of a European country and a candidate for membership in the EU, a new swastika used by the aggressor country’s army. We are sure that we will prevail, which is why we are already asking for help in renewing our cities and infrastructure facilities. It is with gratitude that I stress that President Aleksandar Vučić has already voiced his readiness to participate in the renewal of Ukraine,” he said.