Until When Will the Technical Ministers Stay in Function?

The technical ministers and the deputy prime minister, nominated several weeks ago as part of the McAllister+ agreement between Prime Minister Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha, will remain in function until the OSCE-ODIHR has published its final report on the parliamentary elections.

According to media outlet Panorama, PD sources have declared that the ministers will assist the OSCE in drafting the report. The ministerial task force for the elections, led by deputy prime minister Ledina Mandia, will draft a report regarding the inclusion of the administration in the electoral campaign, which will be provided to the OSCE. Also the other 6 technical ministers will provide their input.

Previously, Prime Minister Rama had stated in several interviews and campaign rallies that the technical ministers would be dismissed the day after the elections, but now that the Central Election Commission has officially announced the results of the elections, it appears that they will remain on their post for the time being.

The technical ministers, however, declared that following the Constitution they will remain in function until the installment of the new government in September.