From: Exit Staff
US Embassy Calls for Peace During Albanian Election Campaign

The US Embassy in Tirana has urged political parties to stay away from violence during the general election campaign.

In a statement made yesterday, the Embassy said:

“We expect the leaders to show leadership, [..] ensuring that parties and their candidates behave in accordance with electoral laws and international standards, clearly rejecting violence [..],”

The embassy stressed that the US will take action against those who incite violence and violate election law:

“We will take appropriate action in response to those who acknowledge or incite violence, acknowledge or incite violations of electoral laws and international standards, or otherwise seek to undermine the integrity and trust in the electoral process and its results.”

The press release stressed that the government has a key role to play in ensuring a smooth campaign and where to implement US demands:

“In this regard, it is completely understandable that those who are currently in leadership positions have the first and heaviest responsibility to act in the interests of the country.”

The Embassy appealed to the parties to submit ideas and candidates representing the voter:

“We urge parties to present ideas and candidates that reflect respect for voters.”

The Embassy also called on the media and civil society “to play its role responsibly and ethically, asking difficult questions on behalf of the public and seeking genuine answers from the candidates.”