From: Exit News
Vetting Commission Halts Cases Assigned to Suspended Judge 

The Special Appeal Chamber (KPA) has halted ongoing cases in which Judge Luan Daci is a panel member, until a final decision on his case is taken by the Special Anti-Corruption Court.

In a press release, the KPA announced that it will await the decision of the Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Appeals Court for cases assigned to Judge Daci, and in the meantime will proceed with other cases.

On May 24, the Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Court upheld Luan Daci’s May 20 suspension by the prosecutor’s office.

He is accused of forging documents to hide his 1997 dismissal as judge when he applied to become a KPA member.

Daci has been part of vetting panels that have dismissed dozens of prosecutors and judges with a final verdict.