From: Exit News
Vore Residents Protest over Municipality Plans to Demolish Property Not Damaged by Earthquake with No Guarantee of Compensation

Residents in Vora, whose homes are affected by the reconstruction plan for the 26 November earthquake, are protesting and asking for a meeting with stand-in Mayor of Vora Hekurran Brahimaj.

Yesterday, residents clashed with Vora municipal officials at a public hearing on the reconstruction plan. Tensions rose after the Municipality failed to clarify whether they would be compensated for the destruction of their homes.

Residents claim the Municipality plans to demolish properties that were not damaged by the earthquake to make way for its plan. They say they have not received any security or surety from the Municipality that they will be financially compensated or receive a new apartment.

The Municipality plans to demolish three buildings and 60 private houses. Many are undamaged from the earthquake and residents claim that ‘other interests’ are hidden behind the plan.

One said:

“According to the reports, my property is not damaged. I have six insured workers and a bar, I have no damage. Now, they will tear it down. They said the building will be demolished but there is no mention of compensation.

The gave us an empty letter- no stamp or anything. I have a house in Area 1, I think they will give me a house like in the time of Enver Hoxha- who knows where.”