We May Never Know How Many Lost Their Jobs Due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic in Albania has a sgnificant impact on the economy. Many businesses closed and thousands lost their jobs either temporarily, or permenantly. But exactly how many became jobless is difficult to ascertain.

On 14 April, Minister of Finance Anila Denaj said that there were some 50,000 unemployed and that may increase in the future.

On 9 June, on the Open TV show, Rama said that there were “about 70,000 people that lost their jobs”. He added that many were back in work now so they needed more time to provide an accurate figure.

Then on 29 September, Rama said on social media that only 33,000 lost their jobs meaning Albania oputperformed all neighbours and most of Europe.

The Opposition has estimated the figure to be nearer 100,000 including the informal economy.

INSTAT noted an increase in the unemployment rate of 0.5% which would equate to some 33,500 employees. This figure however does not include those working in the black which according to experts, is high.

While Rama’s  statement about the number of unemployed citizens is true, it does not account for thousands more that were working without contracts and taxes.