From: Exit News
With No Coronavirus Cases Yet, Kosovo Unveils Preventative Measures

In an emergency meeting held Wednesday evening, the Kosovo government has undertaken several measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Though no infected cases have been confirmed in Kosovo so far, the government approved an action plan to deal with the virus and granted a €10 million fund to the Ministry of Health.

The measures that will be taken by the government are:

  • Closing down all public and private educational institutions until March 27. It is recommended a parent be excused from work (unless they’re medical or police staff).
  • Temporary suspension of travel from high and medium risk countries (valid until a future decision says otherwise).
  • Mandatory medical inspection in border entry points.
  • Mandatory self-quarantine for all travelers entering Kosovo from high and medium risk areas. Anyone unable to self-quarantine will be placed in government quarantines.
  • Public activities like sports matches, concerts, conferences, round tables, can take place without the presence of an audience.
  • Restaurants, nightclubs, gyms, pools may operate only until 11 PM.
  • All state institutions, as well as public and private enterprises, must undertake disinfection and preventative measures to meet increased hygiene regulations set forth by the Ministry of Health.
  • Public and private companies that operate public transport vehicles must regularly disinfect them.
  • Those who fail to obey the above instructions will be punished according to existing legislation.
  • The decisions taken by the government may vary and change in real time.

Prishtina mayor Shpend Ahmeti announced that municipality counter workers would be equipped with face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. The municipality also suspended permits for any public gathering with more than 50 people.