From: Exit Staff
Work Starts on New Bridge in Kukes

Prime Minister Edi Rama announced today that work will start on the Great Bridge of Kukes, a part of the Rruga e Kombit that links Albania with Kosovo.

According to Rama, the bridge will be suspended and will stretch for 310 metres. It’s main supporting structure will be steel arches, 270m apart and 50m high. 

He published images of the old and new bridge side by side. 

Excavations are currently underway to build the bridgeheads on each side, displacing some 270,000 m3 of rock. Work on the arch and other elements is expected to start in September.

The bridge is a welcome addition to the road which bottlenecks into two lanes to cross the river.

Exit recently reported that none of the 143 schools damaged by the earthquake and promised by September has been started. Furthermore, thousands are still homeless after the 26 November quake.

Just yesterday, Rama announced the construction of the first house that was damaged by the earthquake some nine months ago.