Yee: Elections Legitimate without Opposition

Echoing EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, US Deputy Assistant Secretary Hoyt Brian Yee affirmed that the US will acknowledge the results of the June 18 elections if they are “certified” by international observers.

The USA are ready to support the parties to participate in the elections, but also without the opposition they will be considered legitimate and also the judicial reform, without the votes of the opposition.

He also called upon the government and the opposition to revisit the offer of MEP David McAllister, who attempted to negotiate between the two parties three weeks ago.

There is an offer of McAllister. The offer is good. We hope that the parties accept it.

Secretary Yee also spoke directly about the boycott of the opposition, stating that this is never a “winning tactic”:

The boycott is not a winning tactic. No party that has boycotted has profited. If several parties exclude themselves, they damage themselves, the image of the country and foreign investments. […]

It is very important that the elections are held. Elections are always better when there is a broad representation. The solution should come from the political leaders. We hope that there will be a solution. Violence has no place in a democratic country. There needs to be dialogue between the parties. Time is running out. We are optimistic.