8 New Fires in 24 Hours, Dozens of Hectares Destroyed

In the last 24 hours, 8 new fires have broken out in the counties of Shkodra, Tirana, Berat, Fier, Vlora, and Gjirokastra. It is not yet known whether the fires are the result of the dry weather with high temperatures, or have been caused by humans.

The fires have so far caused the following damage:

  • 5 hectares of forest near the villages Lumzia and Lumbardha in Fushë-Arrëz, Shkodra;
  • 22 hectares of bushes, 200 olive trees, and 400 new pine tress neat the village Beden in Kavaja, Tirana;
  • 8.5 hectares of bushes, 300 olive trees, and dozens of pear trees in Patos, Fier;
  • 100 hectares of bushes in Dukat, Vlora;
  • 1.2 hectares of bushes in Memias, Berat;
  • 200 hectares of bushes in Vrisera, Gjirokastra;

Both fire brigades and volunteers are attempting to put out the fires. The Directorate-General of Civil Emergencies claims that the situation is under control.