80 Migrants Found in Truck, Destined for Border With Kosovo

On Friday evening, police in Korce stopped a truck that was transporting around 80 illegal immigrants towards Tirana. In exchange for money, they would be transported to Tirana where they would remain for a few day before moving on to the border with Kosovo and then travelling to an EU Member State.

Women and children were amongst those found onboard.

Police have arrested the driver of the truck. This is the first time police have caught migrants being smuggled in a truck. As Exit reported earlier in the week, smugglers are experimenting with new methods and routes to transport the individuals. This is to avoid capture but also to avoid having to pay bribes where possible.

Police have been making arrests of these kinds almost daily, but it appears to be only a small figure when compared to those that are managing to travel through the country.

Exit has contacted the Ministry of the Interior and the State Police to ask how many migrants have entered Albania during 2020 and what happens to those that are caught, but so far, no response has been forthcoming. Following the filing of a freedom of information request, we are awaiting an answer.