From: Exit Staff
Albanian Opposition Elects Senior Officials, Ruling Party to Announce on Thursday

The National Council of the Democratic Party unanimously approved the proposal of President Basha for the appointment of Jorida Tabaku, Grida Duma, Alfred Rushaj, and Enkeled Alibeaj to the post of vice-presidents.

The proposals for the heads of 11 secretariats were approved with no votes against it.

Edi Paloka was elected head of the National Council, while Gazment Bardhi was reconfirmed as General Secretary.

Alfred Rushaj will lead the PD parliamentary group, while Alibeaj will be nominated as Deputy Speaker of the Assembly.

Lulzim Basha delivered a speech where he warned that the PD will seek constitutional changes to the country’s electoral system and the administration of the territory.

The new cabinet of the Socialist Party government will be presented on Thursday at the meeting of the Assembly of the Socialist Party.

Euronews Albania reports that Prime Minister Rama will unveil his new cabinet during his opening speech, and the Assembly will then proceed to elect regional political leaders.

The Assembly will begin work at 10:00 a.m. at the Palace of Congresses.