From: Exit News
Alliance for the Theater Demand Prosecution of Officials Who Approved Demolition

Today, the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater (AMT) has filed a report at the Tirana prosecution office against members of the Tirana municipal council who voted to demolish the National Theater, the Tirana municipality department heads that approved the expert act that suggested the demolition of the Theater, and the head of the National Territory Protection Inspectorate (IKMT) Mariglen Qato.

AMT is accusing them of abusing their duty, destroying cultural monuments, and destruction of property.

Activist Ervin Goci told reporters that the municipal council and IKMT were in violation of the law when they approved the demolition of the Theater and granted a construction permit for the land, as the Theater belongs to the National Territorial Council (KKT), not the Tirana municipality.

This is the fifth report filed by the Alliance regarding the issue of the National Theater. AMT previously reported Tirana mayor Erion Veliaj, deputy mayor Mazniku, the engineers who drafted the expert act, as well as Minister of Interior Lleshaj and state police Chief Ardi Veliu.

AMT warned that the future report they would file would be for the destruction of the Theater’s equipment, that were still in the building within the Theater building when it was demolished in the early hours of May 17.