Another Alleged Employee of the Dictatorship Placed in Senior State Police Role

The new Deputy Director of the State Police, Albert Dervishaj has been accused of being a former member of the State Security during the Communist Regime.

It comes just days after it was revealed that Gjovalin Loka, the new head of the Public Security Department of the State Police was a student and then a spy with the Sigurimi. He hid his former employment in his vetting declaration yet retains his position.

In a statement from the Democratic Party yesterday, it was claimed that Dervishaj had cooperated with State Security for over a decade. They said it was shocking how those who had served in State Security during the Communist dictatorship were now in senior police positions.

They demanded the dismissal of Dervishaj, adding that his appointment wasn’t legal and there was a need for a return to real service in securing the lives of Albanian citizens.

It is not only the State Police that has seen ex-communist regime members placed into positions of power. 

In the judiciary, the Head of SPAK Arben Kraja, Deputy Prosecutor General Thoma Jano, Head of KED Ardian Dvorani, Member of the KLD Fatmira Luli, member of KLP Bujar Sheshi, and member of KLP Nurihan Seiti all worked in the communist justice system. Between them, they were responsible for many arrests, political convictions and severe punishments.

Last year, Skender Gjinushi was elected as the Chair of the Academy of Sciences without any scholarly qualifications and in violation of the legislative process. He was Minister of Education during the last years of the dictatorship.

Another notable individual is Gramoz Ruci the Speaker of Parliament. He was Minister of Interior Affairs in 1990 and at the time of the April 2 Massacre in Shkodra where four people were shot for protesting against the regime. He is also alleged to have been responsible for the destruction of archival materials of the Sigurimi. Many of the documents that were destroyed would have been key in ensuring those who committed crimes and were instrumental in the regime, do not return to power today.