From: Exit Staff
Court Dismisses Case of Developer Paying for Mayor’s Luxury Hotel

The Tirana court has dismissed the case of Deputy Mayor Arbian Mazniku and entrepreneur Shkëlqim Fusha, accused by the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater of corruption and abuse of office.

Several months ago, the Alliance filed a complaint after it came to light that Fusha, a favoured government and Municipality contractor had paid EUR 1800 for Maznik’s two night stay in a luxury Barcelona hotel

According to Judge Sokol Tona, none of the accused committed a criminal offense.

Fusha has received tens of millions of Euro’s in state tenders and is widely anticipated to win the tender to construct the development on the site of the National Theatre. This project includes the construction of a number of high-rise towers on the land surrounding the site.

The fact that Fusha paid the hotel bill of a Deputy Mayor leaves no doubt that the company is certainly favoured by the Municipality.

ATM warned that it would appeal the decision of Judge Tona.

In December 2019, the Tirana prosecutor’s office closed the investigation into the issue of payment of accommodation in the luxury hotel in Spain of Maznik by the company Fusha shpk, without explaining the reasons.