Drive-By Shooting in Vlora – The Details So Far

Yesterday evening, Vlora OShEE director Roland Saliu and Erven Hyseni, owner of the local tv channel Vlora Channel were executed yesterday in a mafia-style attack on a bar.

What is known so far?

Yesterday around 19:40 Saliu and Hyseni were present in one of the bars owned by Hyseni, near Flag Square in Vlora. The two victims were sitting at different tables.

As yet unidentified persons shot in their direction with a Kalashnikov from a driving car. Saliu was immediately shot dead, whereas Hyseni was severely wounded and died later in the hospital.

The perpetrators immediately left the crime scene. The police has found a burned BMW in a village along the old road from Vlora to Fier, which is assumed to belong to the attackers.

The direction of the investigation

The police is currently investigating in two possible directions:

  1. The target of the attack was Erven Hysenaj, who except as a businessman in Vlora is known as someone close to Akil Rakipi, one of the victims of the “Çole Massacre” from April 15, which left 3 youths killed and a fourth one severely wounded.
  2. The target of the attack was Roland Saliu because of his function as regional director of the OShEE.

It seems that the first direction is more promising, as Saliu is not known to have had any conflicts related to his function.

From the organization and style of the assassination, as well as the fact that an attempt was made to erase all traces, it is assumed that it has been the work of professionals.

The Police of Vlora has so far arrested 15 persons who are doubted to have knowledge of the attack.