From: Exit News
EU Delegation Regrets Demolition of Albania’s National Theatre, Calls for Restraint

The EU Delegation in Albania has called for restraint and for “the parties” to avoid escalation of the situation after the demolition of the National Theatre.

They expressed their deep concern for the situation as well as their regret for the “irreversible decision” taken by “the relevant national and local institutions”.

The government of Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Municipality of Tirana headed by Mayor Erion Veliaj illegally demolished the National Theatre on Sunday morning at 4.30.

Police exercised violence and detained 37 artists, journalists and members of civil society.

The demolition was ordered while the country has been kept under a state of emergency since the November 26 earthquake, and under coronavirus lockdown for two months.

It also came while the Constitutional Court is reviewing the compliance with the Constitution of the government’s special law for the demolition, and the most recent transfer of theatre’s land ownership to the Municipality of Tirana, and while the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the matter.