From: Bledar Qalliu
Kosovo Parliament Passes Resolution Condemning Srebrenica Genocide

On Wednesday, Kosovo parliament passed a resolution condemning the Srebrenica Genocide of July 1995, during which the Bosnian Serb army killed more than 8,000 Bosniak civilians in 10 days.

The vote for the resolution initiated by the Bosniak coalition Vakat in the Kosovo parliament was boycotted by the Serb List party.   

The resolution condemns the Srebrenica genocide, and any deliberate public denial of it that denigrates victims and tries to conceal the motives behind the massacre.

It urges Kosovo institutions to honor victims, and for the July 11 to be designed Srebrenica Genocide Remembrance Day, in accordance with such designation by the European Parliament.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti called the adoption of the resolution “a noble and proper action.” He said that this was the biggest massacre in Europe since the end of the First World War, adding that similar acts must be punished so as to avoid repetitions in the future.

The Serb List party in Kosovo condemned the resolution for allegedly attacking Serbs, and harming relations between nations in the region. In their statement, they said the resolution was a result of “envy” due to “the daily strengthening of our state [Serbia]”.

Last month, Montenegro also passed a resolution condemning the Srebrenica Genocide, after the parliament sacked a minister for denying the genocide.

Kosovo government is preparing to file a genocide lawsuit against Serbia with the International Court of Justice.