From: Exit Staff
Opposition MPs Ask Constitutional Court to Repeal Legal Changes for Quarantine Violators 

Five members of the parliamentary opposition have submitted to the Constitutional Court a request to overturn the changes to the Criminal Code, adopted on April 16, regarding the violation of quarantine measures.

The deputies are Artur Roshi, Myslim Murrizi, Alban Zeneli, Korab Lita and Arlind Çaçani.

They request the Court to repeal the amendments which they claim infringe on human rights and freedoms, and leave room for political abuse.

On April 16, the Socialist majority approved amendments to the Criminal Code, which provide for severe penalties for those who violate restrictive measures during a natural disaster, lockdown order, or deliberately spread the virus during an epidemic.

Albanian Ombudsman Erinda Ballanca argued that the government-proposed changes were illegal, as they were being passed in contradiction with the Constitution and parliamentary procedure.

President Ilit Meta suggested to Parliament to reduce sentences for violators, and the Socialist majority considered the recommendations. The President approved the law after it was passed in Parliament.