From: Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
Rama Once Again Deflects Attention by Calling Judiciary the ‘Most Dangerous Criminal Organization’

After a week in which yet another Socialist Party official was removed from office for violation of the decriminalization law and it became clear that criminal relatives of Socialist Party officials think of themselves untouchable by the law, Prime Minister Edi Rama has attempted to deflect public attention by calling the judiciary the “most dangerous criminal organization.”

During his weekly “conversation” about the Co-Governance Platform, which allowed several businessmen to awkwardly sing the praises of the government in front of the cameras of ERTV, Prime Minister Edi Rama continued his full-on attack on the judiciary, despite the fact that the prosecutor he attacked publicly last month was recently wounded in an assassination attempt.

Prime Minister Rama continues to use his epithet for the alleged “criminal organization” of the judiciary, KÇK (grab what you can).

Today we are in the conditions that the clean-up of the justice system has started, which takes time, and where in the meantime many of the thugs that are in the system and know themselves that they cannot pass the filter of the vetting, that they will be swiped up by the broom, are unleashed, grab what you can! (kap ça të kapësh).

KÇK is the most dangerous criminal organization that currently operates in Albania, because it is clothed in the mantle of the law and functions like an organization of low-life thieves. For the KÇK we are preparing a law, as I have announced before, relating to organized crime, parallel to a special law to bring the war against organized crime to a level the like of which have never happened before and with absolutely guaranteed results within a not too long period. We also bring to Parliament several special measures against the members of the KÇK.

I cannot say more at this moment, but rest assured that sooner or later everyone will see in deeds, not in words, the results of a frontal attack that the government will undertake be it against organized crime, be it against the KÇK.

There is no evidence that anything like a criminal organization, as defined by Albanian law, exists within the judiciary. The government has so far failed to file any lawsuit at the Prosecution Office against any such organization.

The European Commission has so far refused to defend the independence of the judiciary, one of the cornerstones of the rule of law.