From: Exit Staff
Senior Official of Albania’s Special Unit against Crime Disclosed Information to Criminals

Artan Shkëmbi, the suspended head of police Operation Force of Law (OFL) investigative department, sent investigative information to a gang of drug traffickers in Germany.

According to Mapo newspaper’s sources, Shkëmbi’s illegal activity was intercepted by the German police. The senior official heading the most publicized police operation during the last year, used an app called “EncroChat” to communicate with criminals.

artan shkembi
Artan Shkembi

The same app was found to have been used by members of another Albanian gang arrested in Dubai.  

Artan Shkëmbi was suspended from duty on 28 September. He is suspected of corruption and leaking investigative and secret information of the Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime to criminals.

The OFL is the main unit of the Albanian police created to fight crime.

Artan Shkëmbi had successfully passed the police vetting. He was deemed clean in all three vetting criteria: assets, ethics, and professionalism.