From: Exit Staff
Serbia Presented with Draft Deal Implying Recognition of Kosovo, Says Serbian Minister

Serbia was presented with a draft agreement that implies recognition of Kosovo, Serbian Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali told RTS on Thursday.

Mali, who is a member of the Serbian team, said they never received a worse proposal.

Sixteen points are on the table, the tenth of which implies mutual recognition,” he said.

He confirmed that economic issues refer to the construction of infrastructure, highways, railways, assistance to small and medium enterprises.

In the same vein with President Vucic, the minister reiterated that talks are very difficult and that they will not surrender.

“But there is a lot of pressure. The topics are very difficult for us. It’s an ongoing struggle. The president is fighting. We will see if he will endure. I am going back there. The talks continue and of course we will fight to the end. As the president said: ‘surrender is not an option,” Mali stated.

The content of the one point implying Kosovo’s recognition, according to Mali, is not known.

US President Trump’s envoy Richard Grenell has refuted a similar claim by another media, according to which Serbia has been presented with a draft agreement that recognizes Kosovo’s independence.

The talks facilitated by Richard Grenell and Robert O’Brien are ongoing.