Albanian Parties Reach Deal on First Rounds of Presidential Selection

The Democratic Party (PD) will be solely responsible for pre-selecting four presidential candidates during the second and third voting rounds, according to a recent deal between the Socialist majority and the opposition. The agreement made between Socialist whip Taulant Balla and PD’s Enkeled Alibeaj stipulates that the PD will submit four candidates that the Socialist

Less than One Percent of Corruption Complaints Pursued, Claims Albanian Justice Minister

According to Albania’s justice minister, a total of 41,541 criminal complaints for corruption were made to judicial bodies in 2021, while only 125 were passed for further action. The statistics announced by Justice Minister Ulsi Manja are far from impressive and show that just 0.3% of corruption complaints have resulted in further action. “Referring to

Bosnian MP Condemns Albanian Government for Voting against Srebrenica Resolution

Bosnian MP Sabina Cudic has address an open letter to Prime Minister Edi Rama criticizing his government’s refusal to vote on a resolution condemning the Srebrenica genocide and accusing him of tabling the resolution as a concession to Serbia. “I would like to remind you that the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague found, in

OSCE Urges Inclusive Process for Selection of Next Albanian President

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) urged the Albanian Parliament to implement an “inclusive process” during the selection of the next Albanian President. On Friday, May 13, the Albanian presence of OSCE took to Twitter to make its appeal. “As the Country initiates the parliamentary procedures for electing the #President of the

Albanian Prime Minister Denies Pressuring Judiciary

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has denied he was trying to influence the judiciary regarding recent complaints that they were targeting members of his government more than the opposition. Currently, two ex-ministers are serving prison sentences along with an MP, a mayor, and several high-level officials. There are also numerous pending cases against members of

Albanian Parliament Rejects Opposition Resolution Condemning Srebrenica Genocide

On Thursday, the Albanian parliament rejected an opposition resolution condemning the Srebrenica Genocide committed by Serbian troops in 1995. The opposition accused the majority led by Prime Minister Edi Rama, who all voted against the resolution, of having close ties to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, a Srebrenica Genocide denier. Meanwhile, the Socialist majority said it

Parliament Kicks Off Procedures for Election of Albanian President

Select members of the Albanian Parliament will meet at midday today to deliberate on the election of the country’s next President. In today’s meeting, which marks the official beginning of the selection process, committee and party leaders will decide on when Parliament will hold the first round of voting. The Constitution allows up to five

Rama Warns Special Prosecution in Speech Before Socialist Assembly

Prime Minister Edi Rama warned the Special Prosecution against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) to step up the pace of its investigations, during a meeting of the Socialist Party’s (PS) National Assembly. On Saturday, May 7, the ruling Socialist Party convened the party’s highest decision-making body to approve changes to party statutes, elect new members,

Democratic Party To Vote Only a Consensual Candidate for Albania’s President

The Democratic Party will vote for the election of the new Albanian president only if the majority grants the opposition the right to propose a consensual candidate. A resolution passed on Friday evening by the National Council of the largest opposition party authorized the temporary Refoundation Committee to appoint representatives for negotiations to find common

Election of President Stirs Up Albanian Opposition’s Internal Strife  

The upcoming election of the Albanian president has become the most recent subject to mirror the internal strife within the opposition Democratic Party. On Wednesday, MP Enkelejd Alibeaj and other PD MPs sat with the ruling Socialist Party to discuss the start of the election process for the president, which is expected to be elected