From: Alice Taylor
Rama Gives Albanian Police 100 Days to Restore Order

Prime Minister Edi Rama has given police 100 days to restore order in the country, following a spate of serious crimes.

He told law enforcement officials and Ministers on Thursday:

“You have 100 days to restore order so that citizens can breathe a sign of relief. Examples should be given that there is no impunity within the police. Those that violate the law must be brought to justice.”

He stressed that the State Police doesn’t know the law and therefore have “100 days” to get to grips with it. Rama also demanded the punishment of police officers that fail to take reports of domestic violence seriously.

“It’s unacceptable that the cries of women who are attacked are ignored in police stations. Every police station should have responsible persons to deal with domestic violence.”

Those that are corrupt and are incapable of their job, must go, said Rama. He also said that there will be more reshuffling of law enforcement officials as a part of a further “transformation”. A “lack of ethics” has lead to a lack of trust and the image of the State Police must be protected, he said.

Additionally, Rama told the officials that illegal constructions in tourist areas must be disallowed and demolished. Furthermore, officers that allow bars to operate beyond curfew hours must be criminally prosecuted.

During the last two weeks, two women have been murdered by their partners, an entire family killed by a speeding driver, and several shootings resulting in death.