From: Exit News
This Week in Albania’s Judicial Reform: 1 Confirmed, 7 Dismissed from Their Posts

The judicial vetting process continues in Albania. This week, the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) confirmed only one prosecutor to her post and dismissed 7 prosecutors and judges.

On Monday, July 5, KPK dismissed Dritan Marku, a Vlora prosecutor. Marku failed the asset re-evaluation portion of his vetting. The Commission argued that Marku had falsified a 2017 agreement for the sale of his apartment in order to justify a portion of his assets.

On Tuesday, the Commission dismissed Kreshnik Omari, a judge for the District of Tirana. KPK noted a number of issues with Omari’s asset declaration, including the opening of a bank account with an initial € 135,000 deposit in 2015. It also found that the Omari’s parents had undertaken a number of suspicious immovable property transactions.

Meanwhile, the Public Commissioners appealed the confirmation of Tirana Prosecutor Elizabeta Imeraj, following the recommendation of the International Monitoring Operation (ONM). The Commissioners argued that the prosecutor’s confirmation by the vetting panel did not meet the requirements, and demanded that KPA dismiss her.

On July 7, KPK dismissed Ervin Karanxha, a Tirana prosecutor, for failing the asset re-evaluation portion of his vetting. The Commission found, among others, that Karanxha could not justify the income he used to purchase an apartment in 2011. KPK also dismissed Saimir Smaka, another Vlora prosecutor, for passive corruption.

On the same day, the Commission confirmed the appointment of Blerta Hamza as a prosecutor in Shkoder.

On July 8, KPK dismissed Lindita Sinanaj, a judge at the Appeals Chamber of the Administrative Court of Tirana. She too was unable to pass the asset re-evaluation portion of her vetting, as the Commission found she could not justify the sources for an amount of 10.7 million lek (roughly € 87,000).

On the same day, KPK dismissed Zegjine Sollaku, a judge at the Appeals Court of Tirana. Sollaku was unable to justify about 7 million lek in income (roughly € 5700) and how she has been able to afford the purchase of 6 apartments and one car.

On July 9, KPK dismissed Rezarta Balliu (Vigani) from her post as a judge for the District of Tirana for failing the asset re-evaluation portion of her vetting. Balliu was unable to provide sources for a portion of her income and had failed to declare her full income for a number of years.

Meanwhile, the Special Appeal Chamber (KPA) suspended the disciplinary investigation into its own judge, Luan Daci. The Special Court of Appeal against Organized Crime and Corruption (SPAK) had sentenced Daci to one-year probation for falsifying the records that got him the position at KPA. Daci appealed his sentence before the High Court and will remain a member of KPA until a decision is rendered.