From: Exit News
Vetting Appeals Judge Suspended over Suspicions of Hiding Assets

On Tuesday, the Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) suspended its member Judge Ardian Hajdari after the Special Prosecution against Corruption (SPAK) launched an investigation into him over suspicions that he had concealed his assets. 

Candidates to new justice institutions in Albania are required to file a declaration of assets, and Judge Hajdari is suspected to have given incorrect information in his declaration.

Judges Ardian Hajdari and Luan Daci were reported to SPAK in 2020 by three magistrates that have since been dismissed: Antoneta Sevdari, Ervin Metalla, and Elsion Sadiku.

Sevdari and a number of other magistrates have contested their dismissals before the European Court of Human Rights.

Prosecutors confirmed their claims against Daci for falsifying documents, and he was accordingly dismissed. Their accusations against Hajdari included allegations that he had falsified documents in order to become a KPA member. It’s not clear whether he will face charges on this count as well.

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